Casey Anthony's mom repeatedly storms out of interview

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On the A&E special, Casey Anthony's Parents Speak, Casey's mother Cindy was often at odds with her husband George over the tragic death of their granddaughter Caylee. A decade after the the loss, the couple also struggles with questions surrounding their daughter Casey's involvement in Caylee disappearance and death.

Journalist Elizabeth Vargas covered the case during the summer of 2008, and she also interviewed the couple in their home in Orlando, Florida. But her interview often turned to mediating the tension Cindy felt as the rehashed the past.

George appeared to be more willing to openly discuss the details of their daughters problems and possible connection to the toddlers death. At one point George was talking about Casey stealing from them and Cindy interjected, "George, Casey learned by example...You lied to me for several years, and that's where our daughter got it." George admitted to having an online gambling addiction in the past, which is something that Cindy has still not gotten over.

One time Cindy walked off set and could be hear lamenting, "It's very traumatic to me 'cause you're making me relive everything again. Who wants to relive their granddaughter's death every f***ing - I mean, damn it!"

Ultimately it became clear that for the parents that the events from 10 years ago are something that they still struggles with every day.

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