In case you were wondering, Stan Van Gundy is still exasperated

Even within the relative security of a coaching clinic, Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is still finding ways to rant and rave, however accurately.

The Orlando Magic last played on April 28. And in those three months, quite a bit can happen to lessen your frustration -- even if nothing much has happened on the NBA front over the last month or so. Still, one would think that could act as enough time for SVG to chill out a little bit, but as the Orlando Sentinel recently quoted, there really is nothing basketball-related that's too innocuous for Stan the man to fret over.

Like, say, over the question about potentially fouling the other team in the final seconds of a game when you're up three points to send them to the line for two points, to prevent the other team from tying the game. As the Magic failed to do in the pivotal Game 4 of the 2009 NBA Finals.


"Let me just tell you this: We have screwed it up every single time," he said. "Every single time, we have screwed it up. We have said to foul and not fouled and given up the three, which we did to Miami. We have said to foul and waited till the guy was in his shooting motion. We have screwed it up every single time. There are plenty of things you gotta weigh … Time is the big one."

Nothing works, apparently. Except it does work, way more often than not, when you do foul to send a team to the line for two free throws when you're up three late in a game. But that doesn't serve Stan's dyspeptic view on the game he coaches quite well.

The lesson here? It isn't about fouling when up three points. Become baseball coaches, kids. You get to wear the uniform, and everything.

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