Panthers LB Damien Wilson arrested after allegedly threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend

Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested in Texas last week after he allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Wilson, who got his NFL start with the Dallas Cowboys, was arrested in Frisco and was charged with assault with bodily injury of a family member.

Wilson’s ex-girlfriend said she broke up with him, and that Wilson showed up at her apartment and threatened to kill her with a tire iron, per the report. She also said that Wilson took her laptop and put it in a blanket and then smashed it on the ground, but said that it was her cat inside.

“I was screaming like I’m being skinned alive,” his ex-girlfriend, Ryan Sokolosky, told The Morning News.

She said he broke her laptop after slamming it to the ground and that he tried to run her over in a vehicle before he drove away. He also allegedly choked Sokolsky’s friend who was with her at the time of the incident.

Sokolosky said she has obtained a protective order against Wilson.

“He thinks all of this is a joke because he’s rich and think’s he’s going to get out of everything,” she told The Morning News.

Wilson’s attorney denied the allegations against him.

“Damien Wilson did not commit any type of assault,” Toby Shook said, via The Morning News. “We look forward to all the facts coming out so his name can be cleared.”

Wilson was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2017 after he was accused of brandishing a rifle outside of a soccer venue. A grand jury declined to indict him.

Wilson was drafted by the Cowboys in 2015, and spent his first four seasons there before joining the Kansas City Chiefs in 2019. He spent last season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and then signed a two-year deal with the Panthers this offseason. Wilson has 381 career tackles in his seven seasons in the league, 106 of which came last year.

Damien Wilson of the Jacksonville Jaguars
Damien Wilson's ex-girlfriend said he threatened to kill her, broke her laptop and more after they broke up last week. (Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)