Carolina Hurricanes hilariously divide training camp into teams 'grit' and 'grind'

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Hockey tends to take a lot of ribbing for some of the slang, lingo and blanket cliches that plague NHL conversation and pressers on a near-nightly basis during the NHL season.

And I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

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The Carolina Hurricanes got an early jump on prepping their players’ scripts for the upcoming campaign, splitting it’s training camp groups into two teams named after a pair of the most common, old-school Hockey Man terms that exist on the market today: grit and grind, baby!

As Emily Kaplan of ESPN noted, this is absolutely the most hockey thing to happen maybe ever, but future clubs hoping to one day sit alongside the Hurricanes in preseason folklore have a few options they can consider for their training camp splits.

Team ‘200-foot-game’ and team ‘hard off the glass’ … team ‘time and space’ versus ‘pucks in deep … team ‘one shift at a time’ against team ‘worst lead in hockey’ … team ‘earn your bounces’ versus team ‘we’re a team’ … so many options for any organization brave enough to take on the current GOAT of pre-season, spilt-squad roster naming currently residing in Raleigh.

So much grit, with a side of grind. (Photo courtesy: Associated Press)
So much grit, with a side of grind. (Photo courtesy: Associated Press)

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