Carnegie Deli introduces 'The Melo,' a sandwich as tall as Melo

Though Carmelo Anthony(notes) won't play his first game as a New York Knick until Wednesday night, good money had the former Denver forward heading to the Big Apple ahead of any other destination since he made an unofficial trade demand last summer. So New Yorkers have had half a year to cobble together a tribute of sorts to the incoming All-Star, in their typical over-the-top NYC fashion.

Which is why the Carnegie Deli has introduced a sandwich -- or skyscraper of cured meats posing as a sandwich -- to celebrate Anthony's arrival.

"The Melo" starts with your typical pastrami on rye, good start there, and finishes off with salami, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Russian Dressing. was the first to break the story, and we get our quotes du jour from the New York Daily News:

"We threw in bacon because he's gonna bring the bacon back to New York," said owner Sandy Levine. "And the salami - it's a spicy meat - he's going to spice up the team and spice up the fans."

Even the Russian dressing has meaning. Levine finished off the $22 sandwich with a slather of the dressing as a playful jab at Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who failed to snag the four-time All-Star.

Nice shot, Carnegie Deli.

It is true that Prokorov did fall short in acquiring Anthony, but let's face it, New Jersey failed to acquire Carmelo Anthony. Anthony wanted to be a New York Knick. He didn't want to be a New Jersey Net, and then a Brooklyn Net (or whatever the team will call itself) in 2012. If anything, Prokorov's potential package for the Nuggets was more of looker than New York's, but the heart wants what it wants, and Carmelo wanted New York.

And I want that sandwich. One order of "The Melo," and I'm fed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

(Photo courtesy the New York Daily News.)

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