A Carmelo Anthony/Lionel Richie parody: “Melo (Is It Three You’re Looking For?)” (VIDEO)

The comedy internet is good for many things, including cat videos and Tumblr accounts that are really hilarious for three days and forgotten soon after. It's also full of ridiculous parody songs, most of which take topical stories and apply them to well-known but somewhat old pop songs. It's a comedy formula as old as throwing a pie in the face of a caveman.

Recently, we got a new addition to the genre: "Melo (Is It Three You're Looking For?)" In case you didn't make the connection immediately, it's a parody of the Lionel Richie classic "Hello (Is It Me You're Looking For?)", just with lyrics about Anthony Morrow and pull-up jumpers in transition. All sung in a voice I can only describe as a cross between Rush frontman Geddy Lee and Metallica's James Hetfield.

With any luck, we'll get some more Lionel-themed NBA parody songs soon. I think we can turn "Endless Love" into a song about Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash pretty easily.

(via Justin Adler and TBJ)

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