Carmelo Anthony encourages people of color to educate themselves in the wine industry

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As the world continues to have conversations, educate itself, make change and grow in regards to racial injustice and police brutality, Carmelo Anthony discusses and encourages more conversation on the latest ‘What's In Your Glass,' his weekly YouTube series.

On the latest episode, Melo is joined by special guest musician and producer D-Nice. The two talk about the state of the world and how the wine industry can bring about a unique opportunity for people of color.

In the wine culture, I just think us as black people need to start and continue to learning about these things because at the end of the day it's educational from an agricultural standpoint, farming standpoint. We need more of our people, black people, in those areas taking advantage of the farming and agricultural opportunities. - Carmelo Anthony

The Trail Blazers forward has a passion for the best vintage wine there is, and he wants to know everything about vino, despite not being very good at chemistry. 

Anthony said he grew to appreciate the Oregon wine industry due to its well-crafted Pinot Noir. The Willamette Valley's cool climate and volcanic soil make it the perfect place to produce one of the most fickle, thin-skinned grapes around, known as Pinot Noir. 

Melo isn't the only black athlete in the NBA who enjoys a glass of wine either. CJ McCollum prides himself on his love for a pinot noir. LeBron James has also been known to enjoy a glass of red in some of the videos he posts at home.

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On Tuesday, Rodney Hood announced he was returning to Duke University to finish his degree during his rehabilitation and this down time. Apparently, Hood was just eight credits shy of graduation when he left for the NBA.

"I've just got a real thirst for knowledge now, especially seeing how the world is, seeing how the disparity is with African American men, and I want to do something special," Hood told ESPN. "And getting a degree from Duke is special, especially coming from where I come from."

Hood was one of 14 students in Professor Hubert Bray's online course Game Theory and Democracy. The class met via Zoom two hours per day, five days a week, from May 13 to June 5, with a final exam on June 6

Watch the full ‘What's In Your Glass' episode below:

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Carmelo Anthony encourages people of color to educate themselves in the wine industry originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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