Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh will appear on ‘Law and Order, SVU’

Ball Don't Lie

We're not sure what's more unsettling -- that the appearance of NBA All-Stars Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony on NBC's "Law and Order, SVU" could rank as the biggest NBA news item for all of September, or that former "Wonder Years" dad Dan Lauria will be set to play someone who really shouldn't be coming into contact with children. Brr.

Bosh and 'Melo will appear on the long-running and often-unsettling procedural drama on Sept. 28, according to (via Pro Basketball Talk) in cameo appearances. Both lanky forwards will appear toward the beginning and end of the episode, and while there's no word as to whether or not their appearance will drive the plot much, it will give us something to talk about as the lockout drones on.

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And hopefully their run will turn out better than Pau Gasol's time on CBS's "CSI Miami."


The episode, titled "Personal Fouls," focuses on a youth basketball coach (The Wonder Years' Dan Lauria) who is suspected of being a sexual predator.

Also appearing in the episode is True Blood and Necessary Roughness star Mehcad Brooks, who plays Prince Miller, a fictional basketball superstar who was once one of the suspected coaches' prodigies. Rapper/actor Heavy D will also guest-star as Miller's cousin and business manager.

Outside of laconic appearances on MTV's "Cribs" (Anthony) and too-funny behind-the-scenes photoshoot videos (Bosh), neither player has any significant acting and/or TV experience beyond playing hundreds of televised basketball games over the course of their career. It will be interesting to see how the rather gritty crime drama treats both Melo and Bosh, who are two pretty happy-go-lucky cats by all accounts.

Also, they better bring their acting chops. They're not going to like it if Aimee Mann tweets about them.

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