Carmelo Anthony is a big hit at Fashion Week

Ball Don't Lie

As discussed on Friday, NBA superstars are more into fashion than ever before. They've been out at full force for New York Fashion Week, with greats from Amar'e Stoudemire to Chris Bosh leading the charge.

However, one All-Star stands taller than all others on the pyramid of fashion advocacy. According to Eric Wilson of The New York Times' On the Runway blog, current Knick Carmelo Anthony has been the most enthusiastic attendee at this year's event (via TBJ):

Carmelo Anthony receives the gold star attendance award at Fashion Week for his efforts to outpace Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and Dwyane Wade in the number of front-row seats scored at the weekend's shows. He took the lead with his late appearances at Simon Spurr and Tommy Hilfiger on Sunday night, raising the important question of when, exactly, did basketball players become so stylish?

Wasn't it hockey players who were crowding the runways just last season? And tennis pros the season before that? By my count I have seen Mr. Anthony and his colleagues more times this weekend than my own dog.

Wilson is apparently not familiar with the NBA's fashion renaissance, but that's understandable. I just hope someone is feeding his dog while he's away.

I also have one other concern about this news that is not related to canines. Anthony, by virtue of his fascination with fashion, has already seen many different styles and looks. While he is probably learning a lot, he's also running the risk of creating some unfortunate clashes. You don't want to pair a peacoat with a pair of wingtips. That's just crazy! (Note: Example not based on legitimate fashion advice.)

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