Carlos Rodón got called for a drug test while hunting, and then things got weird

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Carlos Rodón had a few words for his shy drug tester. (AP Photo)
Carlos Rodón had a few words for his shy drug tester. (AP Photo)

For baseball players, drug tests are just part of life. If the drug test guy calls, you have to go. When Eric Thames had his blistering start to the 2017 season, he had a drug tester at his locker frequently. But in the offseason, it’s not always that convenient. A player could be out at dinner with his family, or driving to the store, or as Chicago White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodón tweeted, hunting.

Hunting isn’t the weird part of this tweet. A lot of MLB players hunt, and it’s not that uncommon. And you can’t blame Rodón for not wanting to give up his hunting spot, which is why he picked a Subway for the, uh, collection. But the drug test guy was uncomfortable with the sandwich shop because of all the people, presumably because he has to actually watch Rodon urinate to verify that the sample is authentic.

Of course, Rodón thought that was insane. They’d presumably be doing the collection part inside of a bathroom stall and not in front of everyone in the men’s bathroom of this Kansas Subway. Have a heart, drug test guy! If a baseball player has to evacuate his bladder right in front of you, the least you can do is be comfortable doing it in the location of his choosing.

Next time, Rodón should just find a new spot in the woods and make the drug test guy go there. At least then there’d be no one around but the animals and birds.

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