Carlos Dunlap came back to Seahawks because Russell Wilson said he's 'here to stay'

Ignore all those Russell Wilson trade rumors, because he's staying with the Seattle Seahawks. At least, that's what Wilson reportedly told defensive end Carlos Dunlap before Dunlap re-signed with the team.

Dunlap, 32, said he had offers from other competitive teams, but wanted to come back to the Seahawks. That desire came with one stipulation: Wilson had to be on the team next season.

Dunlap said he spoke to Wilson about that before re-signing with the team and Wilson said he was "here to stay," Dunlap told NFL Network.

"I did ask him if, obviously, he was going to be with us. Because, if I'm coming back, I'm coming back because I see him as my quarterback. And, the rest of the team, I want to pick up where we left off. And he told me that he's with us and he's here to stay and he said 'let's go Hawks.'"

That should come as an encouraging sign to Seahawks fans. There were rumors Wilson wanted out of Seattle, but the Seahawks haven't accepted any offers for the 7-time Pro Bowler. The team likely wasn't motivated to move Wilson, who threw 40 touchdowns against 13 interceptions last season.

Is Russell Wilson really staying in Seattle?

While Wilson said he was sticking with the team, he could still be traded. That feels unlikely to happen, however, as the Seahawks are reportedly — and justifiably — asking a lot for Wilson. The team reportedly isn't just out for draft picks, either. If the Seahawks trade Wilson, they are reportedly asking for their next quarterback of the future.

With all the teams at the top of the draft likely to take quarterbacks, it's unclear which team can even offer the Seahawks an appropriate package for Wilson. If Wilson isn't going to force the issue, he's probably staying in Seattle.

But if the Seahawks don't do enough to make Wilson happy in 2021, his reunion with Dunlap could be short lived.

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