Carli Lloyd “got some inquiries” after making 55-yard field goal

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Chicago Bears, we are looking at you.

U.S. soccer star Carli Lloyd tells that she “got some inquiries” after banging a 55-yard field goal through skinny uprights after a Ravens-Eagles joint practice earlier this week.

There’s been some interesting chatter about it,” Lloyd said, via “I think anything is possible. It’s been really interesting because for me, I’m just an athlete. I’m a competitor. But for so many other people, I think they’re starting to think, will there ever be a female in the NFL at some point? And I think we’re kind of at that crossroads as far as equality and, you know, just women empowerment, so you’re kind of being in the crosshairs of that.

“I’ve definitely got some inquiries, I’ve definitely got some people talking. Anything’s possible, but right now, I’m strictly a soccer player, and we’ll see what the future holds.”

Lloyd, whose interview with’s Planet Futbol can be seen here, would need to work on nuances starting toward the ball at the snap, not after the holder has the ball in place. But she already knows a thing or two about anticipating the arrival of a ball before kicking it, so she’d surely figure that out quickly. The leg strength is the thing that can’t be taught, and she’s also shown that she can perform when millions are watching.

So why not give her a tryout? And, if she passes, why not give her a chance to kick in a game that counts? For all the ruckus the NFL made out of the publicity stunt tryout from Lauren Silberman in 2013, Lloyd actually has shown that she has the chops to make something more than a chip shot.

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