Cards are still king for Chiefs collectors

Feb. 3—When a team like the Kansa City Chiefs make four Super Bowls in five years, fans are going to have plenty of items available to commemorate a special season.

Whether it's hats, shirts, newspaper headlines, magazines, framed pictures or anything else, nothing in sports sells quite like success.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a prime example of this, as they also happen to employ arguably the most marketable player in the league.

"On the 2020 Super Bowl. It was the first time that (Patrick) Mahomes had this chance to really shine," said Carleo Pacubas, owner of Pony Express Sports and More. "Even after four years, Mahomes is still our number one seller. As far as the value is concerned, I think it's just going to keep on going up."

While clothes and framed items are big sellers, the biggest draw for collectors continues to be trading cards.

"Majority of them are cards," Pacubas said. "Especially the Kansas City Chiefs cards, not specifically Mahomes, but (Travis) Kelce and the rest of the rest of the team."

The Chiefs' last success before the Mahomes era was when Len Dawson led the team to a win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. Even though the current team is getting much of the fanfare, there are plenty of fans that continue to show love for the past.

"There's still plenty of Len Dawson lovers out there," said Rickey Stanley, owner of Kingdom Cardz and Collectibles. "He's in the Hall of Fame and he was our best quarterback until Mahomes came along. So some of the vintage sets can be pretty valuable."