Cardinals trade former Top-10 pick for 7th-round draft pick

Things have not gone according to plan for Isaiah Simmons. After being drafted No. 8 overall by the Arizona Cardinals in 2020, he was supposed to be this Swiss Army knife of a defender is elite athleticism. Unfortunately, Simmons wasn’t able to find his way in the Cardinals defense and has now been traded to the New York Giants for a measly seventh-round pick.

Simmons is something of a hybrid linebacker/safety but isn’t particularly skilled at either. What he has shown is he is typically the best athlete on the field and can convert that into stats. Simmons had 99 tackles in 2022 despite only playing in 13 games. He might not be a polished play but he finds his way to the football on a regular basis. Simmons had 105 total tackles in 2021.

This is ridiculous value for the Giants. Simmons showed a lot of growth last season as a player. He ended up with an interception and four sacks to go with his 99 tackles.

If the Giants can keep Simmons role simple, he could flourish. Let him stay around the line of scrimmage, chase and tackle and avoid pass coverage.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire