Cardinals snap three-game losing skid, cool red-hot Huskies

Sep. 16—A pair of three game streaks were snapped at Carson Park on Friday as the Chippewa Falls Cardinals snapped a three-game losing skid with a 36-23 win over the Eau Claire North Huskies who entered the game following three consecutive wins. The Cardinals used a massive first quarter and scored in all three phases while North couldn't overcome an injury to quarterback Peyton McCracken and a multitude of mistakes.

Entering the fourth quarter up 24-7, Chippewa Falls looked like it would cruise to its first win since week one. That only looked to be even more true when the Cardinals stuffed Huskies backup quarterback Zach Shipman at the one on back-to-back plays to force a turnover on downs with 9:37 remaining. But as has been the case for the entire season, the Huskies weren't out of it yet.

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