Car dealership lets homeless sleep overnight

In The Know

A North Carolina car dealership manager has earned praise for allowing the homeless to park and sleep at the dealership’s property overnight, CNN reports. James Charles, a manager at Kiplin Automotive Group in Charlotte, has given homeless men, women and families a safe place to stay overnight. Charles had taken to dealership’s Facebook page to make the offer after “praying and asking God what to do with some extra space we have had for 6 years”. Charles, whose family was once displaced for 90 days, told CNN that he empathized with the homeless because he had similarly moved from hotel to hotel . Since Charles made his offer on Facebook, 20 families, men and women have parked their cars in his lot, according to CNN. Charles has also set up a nonprofit called HALO Now and a GoFundMe. He has pledged to donate $200 to the cause for every car his dealership sells

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