Capcom bans displaying 'adult content' sponsors on Pro Tour

Taylor Cocke

Capcom’s strange sponsorship saga continues as the publisher has once again updated the rules surrounding sponsorships on the Capcom Pro Tour, this time banning the display of any and all “adult content” brands.

Previously, Capcom had previously banned just pornographic sponsorships (like Team YP, the team owned by pornography distributor YouPorn). Now, however, the ban includes “products marketed towards adults” as inappropriate for players to display. The full list of banned sponsor types includes “adult content sponsors, such as a publisher of pornographic websites or companies that manufacture, sell, distribute or market alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or vaping (e-cigarette), drugs, guns or other weapon on the official media content or channels.”

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Capcom isn’t technically banning players from having these sponsorships, only from displaying them on Capcom streams or social media.

The changes come after concerns were raised among the community surrounding double standards in banning Team YP from play, but allowing other adult content to be shown at events. Interestingly, the move will also affect Bud Light’s plans to enter into the Street Fighter scene, as their logos will not be allowed on Pro Tour streams in any official capacity.

Capcom took to Twitter to explain their reasoning:

The full rule set for the Capcom Pro Tour can be found right here.

Taylor Cocke would prefer that we all be adults about this. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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