Canyon Barry keeps the underhand free throw alive

(NEXSTAR) – The men’s 3×3 basketball team will have its first chance to capture gold for the U.S. this year and Canyon Barry has a unique shot that helps in the clutch moments.

“I’m a big math/science guy,” Canyon said. “The science behind the underhand free throw is very sound.”

Barry called the style a tribute to his father, Hall of Fame NBA player Rick Barry, who utilized the same technique.

Canyon wasn’t joking about being a math and science guy, either. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in nuclear engineering. He was consistently on the First Team Academic All-America when he played traditional 5×5 basketball for the College of Charleston and then the University of Florida as a grad transfer.

“I think anyone that’s struggling in the NBA, in college, should take a serious look at (the underhand free throw),” Barry suggested.

While playing professional 5×5 from 2017-22, including internationally and in the NBA G League, Canyon started playing 3×3 in 2019 and made his USA Basketball debut at 2019 FIBA 3×3 World Cup.

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