Can't Wait For Saturday | This week, Georgia is on my mind ... as a new No. 1

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Greetings from "Can't Wait For Saturday," your morning morsel of college football, courtesy of longtime Illini beat writer, AP Top 25 voter and Heisman state rep Bob Asmussen. He'll give you his views each day on the game he loves.


Can't Wait For Saturday is a bit like a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament: You have to shuffle up and deal.

It's time to shake my Top 5 preseason rankings. Based on new information and gut instinct.

This is in no way final. Just something to ponder. I've got more than five months before I turn my ballot in. The teams will move up and down the list a lot between now and then.

So, here goes something:

1. Georgia 3

2. Texas 1

3. Ohio State 2

4. Oregon 5

5. Mississippi 4

Sorry, Ohio State, but I don't quite trust a guy (Chip Kelly), who would leave a head coaching position to be an offensive coordinator. It might work great. The Buckeyes have oodles of returning talent on that side of the ball.

But mark me down as skeptical.

Meanwhile, Georgia puts together another terrific recruiting class and Kirby Smart reaches into the transfer portal to fill key holes.

Might as well just give the Bulldogs a bye in the College Football Playoffs now. Sure, the schedule is testy, but I don't see more than one loss. And that means top four for Georgia.