Can't Wait For Saturday | Lineman have Altmyer's back and vice versa

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Greetings from "Can't Wait For Saturday," your morning morsel of college football, courtesy of longtime Illini beat writer, AP Top 25 voter and Heisman state rep Bob Asmusssen. He'll give

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Fans and media will learn so much about the Illinois football team Saturday.

Two-touchdown underdogs against No. 7 Penn State, most outsiders expect the team to fail.

But within the locker room there is belief. And the resolve to fix the problems.

"We didn't play our best and we all felt that," starting offensive lineman and captain Isaiah Adans said Tuesday. "We were all in the locker room sick to our stomach, frustrated. That frustration really carries you throughout the season."

Adams has good things to say about quarterback Luke Altmyer, who has saved the unit some sacks with his mobility and toughness.

"He can extend plays," Adams said. "Having a guy like him who can sit back there and take a hit and you know he's going to bounce up and give it his all is really heartwarming for us for sure.

"We've got to be like our quarterback and get back up and be tough, smart and dependable just like Luke is. It's good to have your quarterback demonstrate things that we preach."