Can't Wait For Saturday | Who are the Hawkeyes going to call? How about Booty?

May 6—***

Sometimes, the quick look at the college football transfer portal takes a minute or two. Check on the Big Ten, especially Illinois, and put "Tracker" on the DVR (yes, I am a fan).

But this weekend, the portal delivered one of the most footbally names ever: General Booty, forcing me to dig deeper. "Tracker" will be there in the morning.

Turns out, Oklahoma quarterback Booty is from a prominent quarterback family which includes uncle Josh who played at LSU and uncle John David, who played at Southern California. Yes, Illinois fans, that guy who threw three touchdown passes in the Trojans' blowout win against Illinois in the 2008 Rose Bowl.

One of the teams apparently interested in the General is Iowa, which enters the season with Cade McNamara as the likely starter. The one-time Michigan player is recovering from injury. Having an experienced backup like Booty makes a lot of sense for Iowa. Plus, I think it will be cool to have him in the Big Ten.

Stay tune. I will keep you posted if Booty moves north.