Can't Wait For Saturday | Ahem, Northwestern folks, you do realize the season starts in 141 days, right?

Apr. 12—***

Perhaps, in hindsight, Northwestern should have waited to gut its stadium until it had a planned place to play in 2024 and '25.

Ryan Field is getting a much-needed makeover that will reduce its size and upgrade the experience for players and fans. Excellent idea and I can't wait to see it in 2026.

I have shared with many how disappointed I was when I covered my first game there in the early 1990s and realized Lake Michigan wasn't visible from the building. Imagine a deflated balloon. That was me when when I drove up to then-Dyche Stadium.

Now, the school wants to build a temporary stadium at the Marin Athletics Complex, which, yeah, will include a view of Lake Michigan.

The school is light on the details, including which of the seven home games will be played at Temp Ryan Field. Illinois is one of the scheduled visitors this season and I had always hoped that game would mark the return to Wrigley Field for the Land of Lincoln game.

That's a definite maybe. Or, Temp Ryan can be used with an unknown capacity.

Again, holding off on the demolition at Ryan might have been prudent.

In a strange twist, Northwestern's football program seems to be pointing in the right direction. New coach David Braun pulled off a miracle eight wins after replacing fired Pat Fitzgerald.

Will the lack of a stadium hurt the team's progress? Or will it give the Wildcats something else to rally around like Fitz's firing in 2023?

When the Bears rebuilt Soldier Field, they spent a season at Memorial Stadium and gave Illinois a bunch of money and stuff. Don't think that will happen this time with Northwestern because of the long drive.

Going to be interesting to see where the media sits in the temporary stadium. Probably not high on the school's list of concerns.