Can't Wait For Saturday | ACC rift reaches another level. How will it end?

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Think Jim Phillips might want to return to Northwestern as athletic director?

Probably not. But the Illinois alum and former Illini basketball staffer is facing a major headache as commissioner of the ACC.

The latest squabble is with Clemson. Like conference cohort Florida State, the Tigers are challenging the ACC's staggering penalties if they exit the conference.

Clemson probably wouldn't do that unless it had a destination in mind.

My first thought is SEC. But the league already has South Carolina and might not want another from the same state. Not a lot of TV sets added for the media deal, though Clemson is a national brand.

Would the Big Ten be interested in another team wearing orange? Doesn't seem like a great fit, but I do love Hilton Head, so maybe it is worth a chat.

Florida State could also look to move on from the ACC. Again, the SEC isn't a great option. So, Big Ten? There are a lot of TV sets and laptops in the Sunshine State.

The current trouble reinforces my thought from several months ago that the ACC is in deep trouble. If Clemson and Florida State are allowed out, then North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia Tech are going to want to go too.

Could they find a home in the 24-team Super Big Ten?

It's interesting to talk about it.

The people at Clemson and Florida State are unhappy about the ACC's bottom line. The are getting less money than teams in the Big Ten and SEC. With no easy way to fix it.

So much for a boring summer in the ACC. At least they have basketball.