Can't Wait For Saturday | '22 Heisman winner Williams is the talk of the town ... two hours north

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If you turn to any Chicago all-sports radio stations these days, you are going to hear about one person: Caleb Williams,

The 2022 Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from Southern California is the prohibitive favorite to be the top pick in April's NFL draft. And the hometown Bears currently own that pick.

The debate about what the Bears should do is interesting. Because after the '22 season, the one-time Oklahoma quarterback was being talked about like he was the next Patrick Mahomes. Good company, but not very reaqlistic until there is more information.

The comparisons fell off a bit after Williams' team struggled in 2023. But he was still very good and should be have among the Heisman contenders. While his yards and touchdowns dropped (not his fault alone), Williams' completion percentage climbed from 67 to 69 percent. Hard to do without as much help.

The choice for the Bears isn't a simple one because the team has a quarterback currently on the roster, Justin Fields, who has shown the potential to be a star. The former Ohio State player seems likely to be traded for draft picks. And that will allow the Bears to grab Williams. Unless their decision-makers conclude they like another quarterback better. Perhaps '23 Heisman winner Jayden Daniels.

The scary part for a team in the Bears' position is making the wrong choice. If Williams is the next Mahomes and the team didn't take him, it will never hear the end of it.

But if Williams comes in and struggles — and Daniels or Michael Penix or Bo Nix — stars, there will be more second-guessing.

Better to have the pick than not. As long as the team doesn't mess it up.

Chicago, you are on the clock.