'You can't go around doing things like that, son'

Lee Sharpe on Sacked In The Morning podcast logo

The Sacked In The Morning podcast from BBC Sounds has had a sit down with former Manchester United winger Lee Sharpe this week.

Sharpe played on the night Eric Cantona was sent off moments before kicking a Crystal Palace supporter in 1995.

Sir Alex Ferguson's dressing down of his team in the aftermath of a crucial 1-1 draw at Palace sticks in Sharpe's memory, not least because he appeared to go easy on Cantona, who would be publicly admonished and face a ban.

"We're struggling in the game at Crystal Palace," Sharpe says. "And then when he goes into the crowd and kung-fu kicks the guy, we're all thinking: 'Oh my God, the manager's got to absolutely nail him after this game. He can't say a word to us for playing badly. He's just nearly killed someone.'

"So we get in the dressing room. As the manager comes in, he smashes the door open - the jacket's off, shirt sleeves are up.

"We're thinking: 'Here we go, here we go.' We're all nudging each other like school kids and giggling.

"And then he starts on everyone, saying: 'Pallister - you can't head it, you can't tackle. Keaney - you've not laid a glove on anybody. Sharpe - you can't run, you can't tackle, you can't pass it. Andy Cole - you've not trapped a bag of cement all day. And Eric - you can't go around doing things like that, son.'

"And we were like: 'That's one of the best lines ever in football.' That is just absolutely outrageous. Cantona sat there, shrugged and just didn't care. It was unbelievable."

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