'Candy Crush' TV Show Even More Addictive Than The Game

Superfan TV

On the series premiere of Candy Crush, cast members from Survivor and Big Brother faced off to play the addictive game but at a slightly larger scale. Hosted by Mario Lopez the game show is "the largest interactive television experience ever" with huge touch screen game boards that both lay flat and tower vertically over the contestants. Throughout the show, teams competed in qualifying rounds. The winner of each round earned the advantage of choosing which of the king-sized challenges they would like to play in the hopes of going home with $100,000.

Jeremy and Woo from Survivor: Second Chance initially took the lead. Da'vonne and Paul from Big Brother quickly got bumped on a vertical wall challenge. Meanwhile, Joe and Kelley from Survivor advanced after swiping candies from a candy cart that rolled around on the ground. Tandem candy crushing on a vertical screen proved difficult and took Frankie and Caleb from Big Brother out of the running.

It ended up being an all Survivor final round and Joe had an interesting method to see the whole board by kicking off the wall and swinging back toward it. In the end, Joe's technique paid off and he and Kelley walked away with the prize of $100,000.

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