Canadian pizza chain makes controversial decision to get rid of Hawaiian pizza

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After an almost evenly split vote, Canadian pizza chain Bàcaro Pizzeria has decided to remove the highly controversial Hawaiian pizza from its menu. In an interview with radio show As It Happens. Bàcaro co-founder Tommaso Mulé revealed that 53 percent of voters voted against the pineapple-topped pizza. However, with such nail-bitingly close results, he noted that “it’s still a hot debate even after the poll". Mulé came to the decision to put things to a vote when he realized how divided his customers were over the idea of pineapple pizza. “We had the poll because we knew that it was a hot topic to begin with and it was very … controversial,” he said. Though Bàcaro will not be serving Hawaiian pizza any time soon, Mulé says that he’s considering bringing it back eventually. For the foreseeable future, at least, “the people have spoken"

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