Canada’s FIBA coach raves about professionalism of Dillon Brooks

In the NBA, the career of veteran forward Dillon Brooks has become known at least in part for antics, such as the feud with LeBron James in last season’s playoffs. But in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, where Brooks was a standout for third-place Canada, the value of Brooks’ defense and on-court play far exceeded any drawbacks.

For the Houston Rockets, who signed Brooks in July, the hope is that FIBA level of play carries over into the 2023-24 NBA season.

In aninterview with Toni Canyameras from Mundo Deportivo., Jordi Fernandez — head coach of Canada’s men’s basketball national team — raved about Brooks’ contributions.

Among his comments (translated by

[He’s] excellent. He is nothing more than a normal person who comes in and is very professional. He takes good care of himself [and does] all the work to be 100% ready to play. His work in the gym, the things he does on his own — he is a superb professional.

Inside the locker room, he connects with his teammates, everyone respects him. He is like the rest of the group, he is nothing out of this world. He is one of the best competitors I have ever seen, and on the entire court, not only defensively, where he has superpowers, but he’s shown offensively that he can not only score but also be efficient with the quality of the shots.

“He came with the spirit of working and doing what was necessary for the team and the national team, [he came in] to have a good time and enjoy the experience,” Fernandez said of Brooks.

“In the end, he’s been improving as a player,” Fernandez concluded. “I have only very positive words for him at all levels: offensively, defensively, as a player, worker, teammate. I’ve tried to get to know him and establish a good relationship. This is a very beautiful and coachable group, and when you establish this connection and relationships, there are positive moments.”

Next up for Brooks is training camp with the 2023-24 Rockets, which begins in Houston during the first week of October.

Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire