Can you guess the four NFL players who received a 99 rating in 'Madden NFL 20?'

It might just be a video game, but the “Madden” player ratings always cause quite the ruckus. Whether it’s rookies bemoaning their low total or veterans vowing vengeance, NFL players usually have their gripes with the system.

But a select few players can’t complain at all. Those who receive a 99 — the highest possible rating in the game — have every reason to be happy about their “Madden” rating.

Problem is, the game doesn’t hand out 99s often. Only four players received a perfect rating in “Madden NFL 20,” can you guess which four?

If you thought of a quarterback, you’re already wrong. If you thought of defensive players, you’re on the right track. And If you thought of a wide receiver, we hope you picked the right one.

The four players to receive a 99 rating in “Madden” this season are ... drum roll, please: Aaron Donald, DeAndre Hopkins, Khalil Mack and Bobby Wagner.

Electronic Arts, the company that makes “Madden,” has been unveiling those players over the past couple days. They announced Hopkins as the final member of that group Friday.

OK, so now that you know which players received perfect “Madden” scores, what do you think? Were you surprised zero quarterbacks were included? Do you think Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas or Julio Jones should have been given the honor as well?

What other players did “Madden” snub this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


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