Cam Thomas says Nets ‘can’t mess around’ with teams like the Celtics

Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas was one of the few players on the Nets who you could say had a good game on Wednesday. In this case, “good” would be in relation to most of the players who played poorly for Brooklyn.

In Wednesday’s 139-96 loss to the Boston Celtics, Thomas had 19 points on 7-of-16 shooting from the field and two assists in 24 minutes of playing time. However, like like every Net who touched the floor on Wednesday, Thomas was a negative in plus-minus. Despite scoring the second-most points on the Nets on relatively good efficiency, Thomas was a -20 thanks to how dominating Boston was throughout the entire game.

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With Thomas’ role being a scorer off the bench when the starters struggle in that department, he did his job despite the lopsided defeat. With the Nets being down by 30 points by the end of the first quarter, it was clear that Brooklyn was not ready to play against arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference. Thomas spoke after the game about what Brooklyn can learn from this disaster of a loss:

“We can’t mess around against, teams like this (great teams like the Celtics), can’t mess around against great teams. So, we got to start out better. There’s a lot going into the game plan, way more than we did.”


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire