Cam Payne is impressed by new Sixers teammate Tyrese Maxey

CAMDEN, N.J. — Cam Payne has been a member of the Philadelphia 76ers for less than a week and has played only two games with All-Star Tyrese Maxey, but he has been impressed.

On the season, Maxey is averaging 25.6 points, 6.4 assists and 3.6 rebounds while shooting 38% from deep on 8.1 attempts per game. He has been terrific and has earned that All-Star appearance he was given.

Payne, who comes to Philadelphia from the Milwaukee Bucks, had a glowing review for his new teammate after practice on Tuesday.

“Man, he’s tough,” Payne said of Maxey. “Shoutout to him being an All-Star first and foremost. I ain’t even nowhere near that. I’m still getting better. I think his place in the game is amazing. He has a great feel for the game. He knows how to get downhill, he knows how to create contact, get fouls, that’s huge for a lot of guys that’s young in the league. They don’t really pick up on how to get fouls so early so big shoutout to him.”

Payne has been in the league since 2015 and has been around great point guards Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Damian Lillard. He knows what a great point guard looks like, and he sees that level of greatness in Maxey. He had some advice for his young teammate.

“I think probably just seeing more of the game,” Payne added. “Being more of a point guard and putting guys in a position. Like ‘Kelly (Oubre), I need you to come out left!’ just kinda like chessing it out sometimes. Being a chess player sometimes instead of always just attack mode is something for Tyrese to be better, but we’re learning.”

An underrated part of Maxey’s game is his ability to get to the foul line. He’s averaging 5.6 free throw attempts per game, which is up from the 3.6 he attempted in the 2022-23 season. Payne believes he can even be better in that area.

“I know we were talking a lot during the game last night (Monday),” Payne added. “We pulled out the win, but we were talking a lot about how to get more fouls, how to get to the line when we’re in the bonus. Just little things like that, but nothing major, man. He’s amazing.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire