Cam Payne discusses joining Sixers after making debut in loss to Hawks

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers made a flurry of moves at the deadline, but their big acquisitions were Buddy Hield and Cam Payne. Both Hield and Payne are expected to make contributions to the Sixers as they move forward.

The debut for both players came on Friday in a 127-121 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. It was a loss, but the Sixers got strong play out of both players. Hield had 20 points, six assists, and four rebounds while Payne had 20 points and five assists and both players combined to make eight triples.

“Shoutout to Pat Bev for getting that physical done, so I could come out here and play with my new team,” Payne jokingly said after the loss. “It’s been kind of a whirlwind. Got here super late last night. I met all the guys today, learned some offense today. It was pretty cool, though. It’s happened before so I’m kinda used to it, but hey man, shoutout to plan. I feel good. I’m cool.”

It’s extremely tough to come out the way Payne and Hield did on Friday with no practice time, but they were able to have a lot of success. The fact that they both were able to have solid scoring nights and make plays for others is a good sign for this group for the future even though Friday was a tough night in the loss.

“It’s really tough,” Payne admitted. “I played alright, but there’s still a lot of things, but man. I gotta find out tendencies of the other guys. I feel like I’ve been playing with Buddy Hield forever, but I’ve never played with him, but we started to find some synergy today. Me and Tobias Harris as well. It’s just gonna be different for me.”

It also helps that Payne played for coach Adrian Griffin a bit in Milwaukee. Griffin was an assistant under coach Nick Nurse so that helped with the transition a bit when it comes to similar offensive sets and the system Nurse runs because Griffin ran something similar.

Now, it’s just all about getting on the same page as his teammates.

“I gotta figure out the offense a little bit more,” Payne stated. “Figure out where all my guys can strive. Figure out their spots. I know Kelly (Oubre Jr.) likes getting to his left so I gotta figure out more ways to get him to the left throughout the offense. Man, shoutout to Nick Nurse, too. He was big time today getting me acclimated as well.”

As Payne and the Sixers now move forward, the goal is to help make a big playoff run. This is all about pushing toward a championship and Friday was just the first step.

Philadelphia plays Saturday night in Washington so there isn’t much time before the next game to figure everything out.

“A lot of film,” Payne said of the next steps. “I know tomorrow, we’re gonna watch a lot of film. Find out more ways to be aggressive, more ways to get easier baskets, figure out the defense. I’m still learning. Like I said, it’s my first day so it was pretty cool for my first day here. I just wanna keep getting better, keep learning the guys, keep learning the offense, keep learning the principles, just ready to make this push. Ready to make this run.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire