Chris Hogan says Cam Newton and Tom Brady are 'totally different players' when it comes to practice

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After three seasons and two Super Bowl championships with the New England Patriots, wide receiver Chris Hogan headed south to the Carolina Panthers with a one-year deal this offseason.

That move means Hogan will no longer be catching passes from Tom Brady, but the 30-year-old receiver is already drawing a parallel with Cam Newton, according to ESPN.

Chris Hogan compares Cam Newton and Tom Brady

Taking part in the longstanding tradition of former Patriots pass-catchers having to compare their new quarterback to Brady, Hogan was at least willing to admit the obvious. The two are very, very different players.


Hogan said Newton and Brady are two “totally different players" in their day-to-day routine and approach to practice. Newton is more kidlike, running 50 yards downfield to hip-bump a teammate after a big play and yelling like he’s on a schoolyard all the way.

Brady has a more businesslike approach.

However, Hogan did cite one important thing as a shared trait:

“That competitive nature, it’s there," Hogan said. “When it comes time to strap on the pads and play football, their focus is on one goal and that’s winning football games.

“Cam wants to win. You can tell that right away from talking to him and being around him."

Obviously, that’s something most players are going to say about the franchise player of their new team, but at least it probably means Hogan might be gelling with his new team.

Hogan posted 532 receiving yards and three touchdowns last season for the Super Bowl champion Patriots. He’ll have plenty of competition for targets in Carolina, between guys like D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel, Torrey Smith, Greg Olsen, and Jarius Wright.

Chris Hogan has a new, very different quarterback with the Panthers. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)
Chris Hogan has a new, very different quarterback with the Panthers. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

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