Cam Newton seems to realize “business” reality

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Panthers-for-now quarterback Cam Newton may have been hoping for “a little commitment,” but he now appears resigned to the business reality of his situation.

Newton just put out another post on social media, which included the operative phrase: “No need for feelings ever to be in the same place as business.”

Newton seemed angry two days ago (it only feels like a month) when the Panthers announced he had permission to seek a trade. He quickly fired back that he hadn’t asked for one.

Because league rules complicate him taking a physical for another team, the most likely result is that he’ll be released.

While he wanted a contract extension, the Panthers weren’t going to give him one coming off a pair of season-ending injuries. It must have become obvious this wasn’t going to end well, so they agreed to a three-year deal with Teddy Bridgewater to replace him.

Given that lack of leverage, a trade seems unlikely, especially after the Bears dealt for Nick Foles, taking a destination away.

Now the only question becomes when the former MVP becomes a former Panther.

Cam Newton seems to realize “business” reality originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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