Cam Newton partners with Overtime to launch 7-on-7 football league

Very few players, at least in recent memory, have influenced the game of football like Carolina Panthers great Cam Newton. In fact—from his trailblazing abilities to his infectious showmanship—you can argue there never has and never will be another one quite like him.

And now, that influence on the sport is about to get a whole lot greater.

As announced on Tuesday, Newton has partnered with sports media giant Overtime to establish a new amateur football league, OT7. OT7 will feature the nation’s top high school talent in seven-on-seven competition, starting with a week-long tournament on June 6 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Newton, of course, is no stranger to supporting youth football—as he’s coached up kids through his 7v7 program for much of his pro career. Before starting pro careers of their own, a handful of current NFL players have played under Newton’s tutelage—including Deshaun Watson, Justin Fields, Jakobi Meyers and the soon-to-be-drafted Malik Willis.

“I have spent the better part of the last 15 years dedicated to bettering the lives of young football players through 7 on 7 football. 7 on 7 was an invaluable outlet to me growing up, and many professional football players would not be where they are today without that exposure and training in the spring,” Newton said in the official press release. “I felt that now was the time to leverage my knowledge of the space and partner with Overtime to give 7 on 7 the exposure and investment it deserves.”

In addition to the play itself, OT7 will follow the journeys of each team through a docuseries, game recaps, player features, a combine and even a series featuring Newton himself. You can watch along across Overtime’s social media accounts on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok when the league kicks off this summer.

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