Cam Newton: “They gave up on me”

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Free-agent quarterback Cam Newton is now waiting for his next NFL opportunity. In the meantime, he’s working out — and sharing his workouts on social media.

A set of images and videos includes one in which Newton, after a set of pulldowns (great for the arms, I think it is), says this: “All I know is work. All I know is work. That’s all I know. They gave up on me.”

He’s surely talking about the Panthers, who cut Newton earlier this week. And he surely seems to be motivated by the decision to rip up his contract and to make him a free agent.

Although Newton seems to be in tip-top shape, the NFL’s COVID-19 procedures make it impossible for teams to give Newton a proper physical, for now. Given his foot, ankle, and shoulder issues of the past, it’s critical for any interested team to be able to have its doctors closely inspect him.

No reports or rumors have emerged linking Newton to a new team, yet. The Chargers should be interested. Other teams (Dolphins, Patriots, Washington, Raiders) possibly, maybe could become interested. Surely, at some point, someone will give Newton a closer look and decide to do business with one of the best quarterbacks in the business, when healthy.

Cam Newton: “They gave up on me” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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