Cam Newton on Brock Purdy’s game: ‘We have to normalize the truth’

The biggest debate this entire season revolves around San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. The 49ers have won plenty of games with Purdy under center, but anyone who watches San Francisco play knows Purdy is the furthest thing away from the defining factor in their wins.

Purdy is often the beneficiary of good luck and bad play from defenses, yet to his credit, he does execute the 49ers’ system efficiently. The lack of dynamic play from Purdy coupled with his efficiency has led many to claim he is a game manager, such as former league MVP and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton has called Purdy a game manager, and he recently went on The Dan Patrick Show to clarify his comments.

Seattle Seahawks fans are likely to agree with Newton’s assessment of Purdy, as, like I stated previously, his play is hardly dynamic.

Still, Purdy is in a Super Bowl and will compete for a ring this afternoon. The 12’s are sure to tune in to root on their biggest rival’s downfall.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire