Cam Newton apologizes for role in viral fight

Video of a fight involving former NFL MVP Cam Newton recently went viral, with Newton holding his own in the blender of fists and elbows, while wearing something that looked like the Harry Potter sorting hat.

In the latest edition of his 4th and 1 podcast, Cam apologized for his role in the kerfuffle, saying "there's no excuse" for what happened.

"It should not have been called for," Newton said, via "Simple. And with that, I apologize to anybody affected."

Newton said the incident "start[ed] with words and it should have ended with words."

"I can't sit up there and say, 'Hey, bro, you got to be bigger than that,' and then all of a sudden I do that -- and that just goes to show you you've got to always stay in control of your emotions," Newton said.

While, as Cam acknowledged, it could have gotten worse, he did his best to restrain himself from attacking. Instead, he focused mainly on defending himself against the onslaught he experienced.

And for good reason. If Cam had fought back, one or more of those kids who started it would have tried to sue him into oblivion.