Cam Jordan explains how Browns wanted to draft him after he'd already been drafted

With Baker Mayfield leading a collection of exciting young talent, the Cleveland Browns may have stumbled upon reason for optimism for the first time this century.

But that hasn’t stopped the steady flow of reminders of what the franchise is at its core — one with a long legacy of ineptitude and losing.

Browns better, still butt of jokes

Last week, ESPN dropped Seth Wickersham’s deep dive into Browns dysfunction, highlighting the travails of a team owned by a man who was under investigation by the FBI in a $56 million fraud scandal almost immediately after taking over and may or may not have passed on drafting Teddy Bridgewater because he didn’t like his handshake.

Cam Jordan sounds pleased that the Browns didn’t end up selecting him on draft day in 2011. (Getty)
Cam Jordan sounds pleased that the Browns didn’t end up selecting him on draft day in 2011. (Getty)

Ummm … wrong number

And now New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan has shared a delightful tale of his draft-day escapades with the Browns that doesn’t paint a picture of a front office on top of its game.

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The Saints drafted Jordan in the first round of the 2011 draft. Jordan told Dan Patrick on Wednesday about getting a call from the Browns the next day during the draft’s second round.

“I got a call from the Browns,” Jordan said. “They’re like ‘hey, we’re about to select you.’ I was like, ‘I mean I’m good, actually. I think I’ve already been selected.

“But if you want to send that check, I’ll take that.'”

Jordan recalled the story when Patrick asked him about times that he’s been confused with former Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron. This was apparently one of those times.

Sounds like the Browns

The Browns did end up selecting Cameron. But not until the fourth round. So either Jordan’s getting his time frame mixed up or something happened between their call with Jordan that changed the Browns’ minds about spending a second-round pick on him.

Either way, it’s a very Browns thing to do.

There is solace in the story for Cleveland fans. This happened prior to Jimmy Haslam buying the team. So at least this mishap can’t be laid at the feet of the titan of Pilot Flying J.

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