Cam Jordan calls Drew Brees best QB, would like to see Tom Brady 'without Bill Belichick'

Cam Jordan is biased.

It’s no surprise that when asked, the New Orleans Saints defensive end would choose Drew Brees as the best quarterback in the NFL.

But in doing so in an appearance on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” on Monday, he didn’t limit his case for Brees by simply talking him up.

He took shots at Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes and sent what sounded like unintentional shade at Saints head coach Sean Payton in the process.

It’s Brees, obviously. Right?

“Isn’t that obvious?” Jordan responded when asked if Brees is the best quarterback in the NFL.

When faced with the counterargument from commentator Nate Burleson that Mahomes is coming off a 50-TD season and Brady a Super Bowl victory, Jordan shot back.

Jordan would like to see Brady without Belichick

“Who’s thrown more yards than Drew?” Jordan responded. “We’re gonna talk about how Pat Mahomes took an already playoff-caliber team to another playoff? Good job.

“We’re gonna talk about Tom Brady who’s been winning Super Bowls — I’d like to see Tom without Bill Belichick.”

Cam Jordan isn't convinced Tom Brady would have so much success without Bill Belichick. (AP)
Cam Jordan isn't convinced Tom Brady would have so much success without Bill Belichick. (AP)

It’s a bold move challenging Brady’s credentials. Even the most strident of Brady critics is wont to come with little beyond deflated-football talk when stretching to find a weakness in the six-time Super Bowl champion’s resume.

Jordan didn’t get his chance to help Brees play catchup on that front last season when the Saints suffered their controversial loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC championship game.

Slight at Payton?

And while Jordan wouldn’t likely say so publicly in such clear terms, it sounds like he acknowledged out loud that he believes Belichick is better than his own head coach. If his argument is that Brees is better than Brady, and that Belichick is the reason for Brady’s greatness — well, it’s not hard to do the math on finding the weak link.

Of course, it’s all fodder to fill airtime on a morning football show during the offseason and a chance for Jordan to show his chops for potential post-career work as an analyst.

If making headlines is the goal, then well done, Cam.

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