Calvin Johnson ‘excited to be around’ the Lions again, ready to do more with the team

The long-running frostiness between Lions legend Calvin Johnson and the team appears to be thawing quickly. In an appearance on the Jim Rome Show this week, Johnson couldn’t help but get excited about the direction of Dan Campbell’s team. “Megatron” also praised the Lions for improving the relationship between the two parties, who have been at odds over bonus monies that Johnson was asked to return following his surprise retirement after the 2015 season.

Rome asked Johnson where things stood between him and the Lions organization.

“I think we’re having some good conversations,” Johnson said. “Mike Disner (Lions COO) over there with the Lions, he’s back in town. I feel like he’s going to put an effort to — bring the two of us together.”

Johnson continued,
“So I’m excited about that. I’m excited about him actually reaching out and putting an effort forward to try and make that happen.”

The Hall of Fame wide receiver noted that he’s got a lot of experience to offer the young team and that, “I’m excited just to be around the team again.”

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Story originally appeared on Lions Wire