Call of the Weekend: Michael Beasley’s terrible air ball, and Lindsey Hunter’s icy reaction (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

We’ve spent most of 2012-13 detailing Michael Beasley’s terrible, no-good year here at Ball Don’t Lie. Whether it was the early assertion that the mid-priced Phoenix Suns forward had already become a millstone for his team, his weird statements about playing more aggressively, the odd comment about “those gremlins” that like to hang out on the rim while he shoots, or the less-funny time he was pulled over for going 71 miles per hour in a 45-zone with no license plates on the car, we’ve put in the work – exasperated the entire time.

In Phoenix on Friday night, interim Suns head coach Lindsey Hunter did the work for us. Watch his priceless reaction to yet another terrible basketball decision from the former number two overall pick:

That’s Beasley, sadly, defined.

Taking the lowest-efficiency shot in the NBA – the long two pointer that goes in fewer than four times out of 10 (and, for Beasley, 34 percent of the time, a play that rarely draws fouls – while fading away, with 12 seconds left on the shot clock in what was turning into yet another blowout Suns loss. The Suns have lost 31 of the team’s last 42 contests, and despite featuring an offense-heavy batch of names on the roster, the team is 27th out of 30 NBA teams in terms of offensive efficiency.

Unsurprisingly, Hunter removed Beasley from the game less than a minute after his stare down. Beasley, who shot 2-8 from the field on the night, did not return to the game. Against San Antonio on Sunday, he played just 3:20 in the loss and did not score, fouling twice.

The Suns have lost three straight by a total of 45 combined points. And until Michael Beasley is disabused of the notions that tell him to fire long two-pointers, he won’t be any help to even this terrible Suns outfit.

A half-decade ago Michael Beasley was among the two top players in college basketball. Now he hurts his team every time he steps on court. It’s the NBA, and you still have to take good shots.

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