Call of the Weekend: Brandon Knight’s expert Twitter response, post-lob

When DeAndre Jordan threw down a massive alley-oop flush on Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight on Sunday evening, the reaction was swift, and Knight was the butt of it all. The play was packaged in video clips, Vine’d, and tweeted dozens of times before the second half of the game even started, and it’s likely that hundreds of people took to Twitter to look up Knight’s handle and send him a dig or 2932.

So what would be Knight’s first response, on the social media site, after more than two weeks of not registering any updates on his Twitter account? The response would be the perfect one, of course, and our (great) Call of the Weekend:

And that, my friends, is how you respond to these things. The Los Angeles Clippers, unofficially nicknamed “Lob City” since December 2011, and a lob-less scouting report. Taking the hit – and it was a hit – in stride and with good humor is of course the way to go. In Knight’s defense quite a few people on Twitter were lauding his attempts to stay in the play, but at one point in the evening the player’s Wikipedia page even showed up with an update on the “death” of Brandon Knight, stemming from Jordan’s lob. Still, even sent out in the wee hours overnight on a Monday morning, Knight’s tweet (as you can see above) was quite the hit. Clipper lobber Blake Griffin chose not to mention the Pistons guard when he tossed out this statement:

My reaction to that, I believe, was the appropriate one:

Twitter’s got jokes, y’all.

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