Calf kick from hell: Australian champion shatters opponent’s leg with hard low kick

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Nolan King, The Blue Corner
·2 min read
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If 2021 has told us MMA followers anything, it’s don’t underestimate the calf kick.

Just look at Conor McGregor, whose first career TKO loss was catalyzed by brutal low calf kicks thrown by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 in January.

Or go back and watch the thrilling performance Pedro Munhoz and Jimmie Rivera put on at UFC Fight Night 186 this past Saturday. After Munhoz won a unanimous decision, the two fighters compared shins – battered and bruised from the kick-heavy battle.

On Saturday, an Australian regional promotion held an event in Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia. In the Urban Fight Night 24 main event, then-undefeated heavyweight and muay Thai specialist Dean Maxwell headlined against regional standout Rayment Randall with a title on the line.

Despite his opponent’s muay Thai background, Randall (10-3) sneaked in a low calf kick undetected by Maxwell (2-1) – snap, crackle, pop.

As Maxwell took a step back, his leg went in a direction – the wrong direction. You know, one of those “THAT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BEND THAT WAY” angles?

Maxwell crumpled to the mat (understandably), and ever the sportsman, Rayment elected not to land any follow-up shots on his downed opponent writhing in pain.


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According to the promoter, former UFC fighter Suman Mokhtarian, Maxwell snapped his fibula and tibia, which required plates and screws. Additionally, Maxwell will not be able to walk for three months.

Calf kicks have been around forever, but have long been a secondary – or even tertiary – weapon of choice for the majority of fighters. That’s no more. These kicks are game-changers. I hope with the development of calf kicks as an offensive weapon, defensive advancements follow. Otherwise, we’re in for a lot more nastiness and injuries like the one above.

Check out the kick in the video clip above (courtesy of Suman Mokhtarian, Urban Fight Night).

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