Caleb Williams has Josh Allen potential with the Bears

On one of his recent broadcasts, sports commentator Colin Cowherd introduced the idea that Caleb Williams has Josh Allen potential. This is noteworthy if only because the quarterback Caleb Williams is more commonly compared to is Patrick Mahomes, not Allen. Mahomes and Williams are more similar in body type and playing style. Allen really is one of a kind in terms of upper-body strength and being able to become a power runner, not just a fast runner. This doesn’t mean an Allen-Caleb comparison is somehow erroneous, only that it is less common than Mahomes-Caleb comparisons.

Mahomes is the gold standard for NFL quarterbacks right now. He sat and learned for one season in Kansas City before being given the keys to Andy Reid’s offense. He has played like a superstar on a consistent basis since he became a full-time starter. Mahomes has led the Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowl championships, making the Chiefs the first team to win consecutive Super Bowls since the 2003 and 2004 New England Patriots. The Chiefs have reached four of the past five Super Bowls, winning three, stamping themselves as a true NFL dynasty. Josh Allen is still looking for his first Super Bowl, but he has led the Buffalo Bills to the AFC Championship Game and made them a regular contender in the AFC. The Bills have hosted a divisional round playoff game in each of the past two seasons.

It’s safe to say that if Caleb Williams can’t match the Mahomes career arc, having a Josh Allen career is still really, really good.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire