Cal McNair: Tank Dell is expected to make "full recovery" after "frightening" shooting

Texans wide receiver Tank Dell continues to recuperate after suffering what's been called a minor wound when he was shot in Florida on April 27.

Dell was one of nine people shot during an exchange of gunfire by people not associated with Dell, which Texans owner Cal McNair called a "frightening" situation on Monday. McNair added that he's seen and spoken with Dell and that the wideout is expected to back to full strength after some rehab.

“It looks like Tank will make a full recovery,” McNair said, via the Associated Press. “We saw him in the office the other day and he looked good, in good spirits. But he’ll have to rehab and get back to where he was.”

Head coach DeMeco Ryans didn't say if the team anticipates Dell missing any practice time. Dell had 709 receiving yards and seven touchdowns before breaking his leg in December of his rookie season.