Caitlin Clark Is Officially Going Pro On Monday—Here's How To Watch

Caitlin Clark Is Officially Going Pro On Monday—Here's How To Watch

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Women’s basketball is having a serious moment right now. And it's all thanks to a slew of phenom players making things happen.

A lot of the spotlight has been on college basketball, where big names like Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and Cameron Brink are setting records and earning plenty of attention in the process.

Caitlin is expected to be a No.1 pick in the upcoming WNBA draft. And Angel and Cameron are also a likely top pick.

With these women and more in the mix, there is a ton of attention on the WNBA draft this year. But, while the draft has been doing on for years, you might be fuzzy on the details around it. Here’s what you need to know.

How does the WNBA draft work?

The WNBA draft works similarly to other professional drafts. It consists of three rounds of 12 picks, according to The order of team picks are the inverse of the standings from the last regular season. (So, the worst-ranked team picks first.) But the first four picks of the first round are determined by a draft lottery, and there are trades.

Drafts can also be traded among teams, so the draft order and number of picks a team has can change “significantly,” the WNBA says. These can continue to be traded until the order is locked in at 5 pm ET the day before the draft.

Who should I look out for?

This is a stacked draft class. Keep an eye out for these top players, according to ESPN:

  • Caitlin Clark

  • Angel Reese

  • Cameron Blink

  • Rickea Jackson

  • Kamilla Cardoso

  • Aaliyah Edwards

How much do WNBA rookies get paid?

WNBA rookies get paid less than the millions Caitlin and Angel are making right now from name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals. A base salary in the WNBA is a little over $76,000, although there’s the chance of earning a little extra cash like being named the WNBA Rookie of the Year (which comes with a $5,150 bonus) and being selected to the All-Star game (which is an extra $2,575), USA Today reports.

Salaries for WNBA players who are drafted Nos. 1 through 4) go up to $97,582 by their fourth season, ESPN says. WNBA players also stand to get money through endorsements, but none of that is guaranteed.

When is the WNBA draft?

The WNBA draft takes place on Monday, April 15 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert will announce the picks on ESPN, and coverage will start at 7:30 pm ET, the WNBA says.

How do I watch the WNBA draft?

The 2024 WNBA Draft will air on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. ET, live from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It will stream exclusively on ESPN+.

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