These café customers tried dipping sushi in their coffee — and the internet is not happy

A group of mischievous café customershas caused an internet uproar with theiridea for a “nightmarish” food pairing.Their combination: Sushi,but make it breakfast.Photos of the concept wereshared on Facebook by a Malaysianadvertising agency named Kia Eat Play,according to Malay Mail.In them, a customer at restaurantTop Catch Fisheries can be seen dippingtheir sashimi into kopi O, a type of extremely strong,Singaporean coffee usually served with sugar.The Facebook post quickly went viral,earning more than 6,700 shares and thousandsof comments from baffled users.“What is this?” one user wrote.“This is something out of anightmare,” another added.Thankfully, the idea was quickly revealedto be more of a practical joke than some sort ofnew dining trend, according to NextShark.But that didn’t stop Facebookusers from discussing whetherthey’d actually try the combo.“Now you can have the best of[both] worlds!” one user joked. “I would trythis in drip coffee,” another wrote.A few days after the original post,Top Catch Fisheries joined in on the fun andtook to Facebook with some advice.“Malaysians, you’ve surprised us with yourinnovation,” the restaurant wrote. “Ourrecommendation is to eat the sashimi as isor with soy sauce and wasabi. Keep calmand eat sashimi the normal way”