C.J. Anderson jokes he put on sympathy weight before dishing real reason for extra pounds

C.J. Anderson was candid about his weight gain but wants to remind you how good he was against the Cowboys. (Getty)
C.J. Anderson was candid about his weight gain but wants to remind you how good he was against the Cowboys. (Getty)

C.J. Anderson made a big impact in the Los Angeles Rams’ playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

In more ways the one.

Anderson stunned the Cowboys as a focal point of the Rams’ run game, getting more touches than Todd Gurley en route to 123 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Viewers shocked by Anderson’s performance, appearance

He also surprised viewers with his appearance, having packed on some pounds since many had last seen him with the Denver Broncos or during his short stint this season with the Carolina Panthers.

It was an Eddie Lacy-esque transformation.

But unlike Lacy, who struggled on the field after late-career weight gain, Anderson looked better than ever against the Cowboys.

Anderson dishes with Dan Patrick

On Tuesday, Anderson called into “The Dan Patrick Show” as a hot commodity on the sports media circuit after his big playoff effort.

Patrick was not shy in asking Anderson about his weight gain and got a candid response.

Anderson told Patrick that he had packed about 10 extra pounds on his 5-foot 8-inch frame and was playing at 235 pounds for the Rams.

Sympathy weight?

He then jokingly placed the blame on the impending birth of an expected daughter.

“I’ve got a daughter due in April,” Anderson said. “I’m kinda having that man pregnancy weight.”

Anderson quickly shifted gears to point out that he’s doing just fine on the field despite the extra pounds.

“Everybody has jokes about what I weigh or how I look or how I’m built,” Anderson said. “I feel like I’m moving effectively. I feel like trying to put myself in the best position.”

After joking about sympathy weight, Anderson gave what sounded like the real reason for his body transformation.

The last time most people saw C.J. Anderson before Saturday. (Getty)
The last time most people saw C.J. Anderson before Saturday. (Getty)

Anderson thought his season was over

The Oakland Raiders briefly picked Anderson up late in the season, but quickly released him, leading him to believe that his season was over.

Thinking he wouldn’t face the prospect of a new contract until offseason free agency, he gave up any pretense of game shape.

“After being released from Oakland, I definitely thought the year was over,” Anderson said. “So I actually shut myself down. I definitely thought the year was over.

“Obviously that didn’t happen. Obviously I’m good enough to play. So that’s fine.”

Anderson comes off as a bit defensive about the extra attention on his weight, and he rightfully hammers home the point that he was really effective in a big game.

Rams offense now even tougher to defend

His addition provides the already-dynamic Rams offense with another layer. What was a superstar workhorse backfield focused on Gurley is all of the sudden a two-headed monster featuring a bowling ball and a Ferrari.

The element of Anderson’s surprise, of course, won’t be present during Sunday’s NFC title game against the New Orleans Saints. But even if his role is significantly diminished from Saturday, the fact that the Saints have to prepare for him is a win for the Rams.

For Anderson, it’s another chance to shine on a team with Super Bowl aspirations. Anderson led the Broncos offense with 90 yards and a touchdown in their Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Now he’s a win away from another chance to shine at the Super Bowl.

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