C is for confusion? NBA trade deadline grades unkind to Detroit Pistons' James Wiseman bet

The NBA's trade deadline has come and gone, while some players are already suiting up in uniform for new their new teams. Most have only been seen in photoshopped graphics from official team social media handles, so of course there is instant analysis on every trade that went down.

The Detroit Pistons didn't make as big of a splash as say, the Phoenix Suns but it is still a splash, regardless of the size. The Pistons' deadline day deal of sending Saddiq Bey to the Atlanta Hawks in a four-team deal (after the deadline smoke cleared, but more on that below) that netted Detroit a return of former No. 2 overall pick, Golden State Warriors center James Wiseman.

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So, how did the Pistons grade out at the NBA's trade deadline? We searched the internet and here's what we found:

SB Nation: C

Pistons' Saddiq Bey is defended by Warriors' James Wiseman at Little Caesars Arena, Dec. 29, 2020.
Pistons' Saddiq Bey is defended by Warriors' James Wiseman at Little Caesars Arena, Dec. 29, 2020.

There's much confusion as to exactly why the Pistons decided to take a chance on Wiseman, especially since they seem to be stocked at the forward/center position. However, at least initially, they weren't the team with the worst grade in this trade. The Warriors, a team known for savvy moves and salary cap-stretching graded out with a D, probably because there is a lot of unforeseen value with the five second-round picks they received. Later, they including them to draw Portland into the deal, which officially became one large four-team trade. The Blazers received those five second-rounders via Atlanta and Kevin Knox from Detroit in exchange for sending Gary Payton II back to the Bay, and the Warriors did get an A for that move.

The Ringer: Losers

Instead of instant letter grades, The Ringer was a bit more honest and labeled teams winners and losers at the deadline. The Pistons picked up a "Losers" label, based on the fact that they added to an already packed frontcourt, and offloaded a young, talented wing in the process.

Bleacher Report: C-

Another not-so-kind grade for the Pistons. As it turns out, the more people realize they added to an already frontcourt that's trying to find its way, the more people are confused about it.

CBS Sports: B+

Finally, a positive grade for the Pistons! While it is easy to chide the Pistons for adding to the frontcourt, CBS Sports sees the flipside to this. They see the trade that brings Wiseman to Detroit at a second chance to fulfill potential that may or may not have not had a chance to grow in the Bay Area. C-

Much of what has been said previously, is being said here. Confusion as to why you unload a young wing like Bey, to add Weisman. There is a chance he lives up to his potential, but can it be accomplished in a busy frontcourt? Only time will tell.

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